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Removing the guesswork and frustrations of growing your brand through online marketing and digital services

The problems

We at AUTOWIDE understand that sometimes business are just too busy to create a marketing strategy. Just as you make a decision to put time to one side to figure out how best to market your company, or advertise your products, a supplier calls, a customer walks in or your accountant emails asking for more information. Before you know it, the window of opportunity has passed and there are a plethora of other tasks that need to be completed.

Some business are in what could be called ‘the twilight zone’. They don’t have the requirements for a full time marketer, but are struggling to keep their advertising fresh. Others just need someone for a few hours a week, but trying to find someone with the right skill set, willing to work part time, can be difficult.

It can be quite daunting figuring out your Google CPCs from your CPAs and your Facebook Carousels from your Facebook Experiences.

Maybe you’ve not ventured into digital marketing because you haven’t got the time to learn it all, or you are not sure that you understand it very well. It isn’t surprising really, the rules change all the time, it’s a very fluid environment.

Are you advertising in the same places because ‘you always have’? Do you really know if your advertising is working for you? Are you measuring your results against spend?  Is it just easier to keep sticking with the same things because of time or resource restraints? Not knowing if your advertising is working or advertising in the wrong places, can end up being costly for your business.

the Solution

AUTOWIDE offer a bespoke marketing service to create and implement the right digital strategy for your business.

We will ANALYSE your requirements, ASSESS your options and upon agreement, IMPLEMENT your marketing for you.

We will also give you reports on a monthly basis and be able to work out where to spend your money to optimise return on investment (ROI).

Imagine that, your very own marketer, on your terms! 

You decide the hours and the times you need us, leaving you in complete control. 

Not only will this give you piece of mind, but will also free you up to tackle other important things within your business.

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