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Get the customer to leave a review on our system BEFORE leaving the Dealership

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About Reputation Management

Reputation Management is a package we have developed to ensure you as a dealer get the best results from your customers reviews.

This is comprised of;

This has been created to capture the review of a customer BEFORE they leave your dealership.
This means that a QR code based review system is the perfect system for today’s customers. Our experience and data suggests that a customer is 94% more likely to be logged into Google on their mobile than anywhere else.

They simply point their phone camera at the QR code, then press the link and they are in. This means it is the perfect system for capturing a Google review.

Seamless and intuitive

The Autowide live
QR code system

Get the customer to scan the QR code & reduce the chances of getting a negative review.

The very best time to ask for a customers review is when they are excited about collecting their shiny new vehicle and you have completed the paperwork and you have done what you said you would do and delivered what the customer expects.

The customer is sat waiting to drive their new investment and all your hard work is done, except all this work can be forgotten about in an instant…..or can it? 

Using our AUTOWIDE LIVE QR CODE REVIEW SYSTEM  will allow your customers to review the experience they have had before they leave the showroom.

We use a streamlined, graphically appealing template that makes writing a review an enjoyable experience.

More than just PR

Reviews help your Google ranking

In order to appear in online searches, your business needs to have good search engine optimisation tactics in place. Online reviews play a big role in this, as reviews can influence where a business falls within search rankings.

Google, for instance, gathers review information from many sites when determining where a business will fall in search results. Reviews from various sources determine a business’s ranking based on overall rating and number of reviews.

Building Trust

Reviews build credibility

In the era of smartphones, consumers conduct more research than ever prior to selecting where to purchase goods and services.

As mentioned above, most of them trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Consumers turn to review sites to gain a better understanding of a business, so the more positive reviews you have, the better.

These positive reviews will help instill trust within your business and solidify your reputation as a leader in your perspective field.



frequently asked questions

What's the cost of Reputation Management
We will tailor a package that suits your dealership needs, Please contact us for pricing.
How easy is it to use?

Simple and easy just simply get the customer to open up the camera on their phone and point at the QR code. The system will start automatically and a link will pop up. the customer simply clicks the link and then it will give them a choice of Google Review or Trustist review. With large graphics this system has been designed with everyone in mind.

What's the minimum contract term?

A 12 month contract for this service

Will it show my brand?

Yes, your logo will be incorporated into the system so the customer knows at all times they are reviewing your dealership.

How long does it take to get started?

Usually we will have you up and running in 14 days or so.

How many QR codes will you supply?

We will supply 3 QR codes as part of the package. more available on request.

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